Park & Dine With Ease

Link’s Park & Dine mobile app gives you instant access to a world of real-time parking information, restaurant & shop recommendations, e-coupons and more.


Get a ticket number for your favorite restaurants on Park & Dine and shop while you wait for a table!

Recipe Search

Over 20,000 cooking recipes available on Park & Dine, provides you the easiest way to make homemade dishes, you can bookmark your favorite recipes for market shopping too.

Food Sourcing and Delivery

Too rush to the market? Park & Dine offers service to help you source fresh food on your choice of recipe and deliver ready-to-cook food pack straight to your doorstep.

Dining Recommendations

How to choose from Link's portfolio of more than 1,500 restaurants? Just ask Park & Dine for recommendations near you.

Dining and Shopping Directory

Have all the latest information on restaurants and shops in 100 Link's shopping centres at your fingertips. Together with the partnership with Google, Park & Dine recommends you nearby restaurants and shops using the Indoor Map function*.
*this feature will be launched in 5 Destination Malls

Car Park Advice and Navigation

Find out real-time parking space availability with Park & Dine as well as information on nearest car parks and suggested driving route to your selected car park destination.

1.Select car park

2. Press 'Navigation' button
The map will show the suggested driving route to the selected car park.

3. Press 'Start Navigation'. Based on your current location, you will be guided to your selected car park by the route on the map.

Find My Car

Your parking location can be recorded using low energy-consuming Bluetooth technology in car parks equipped with beaconCube.

^This feature is launched in car parks of 15 Malls, detail can be found in Instructions of Find My Car in "Park and Dine" App.

1. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on for your mobile device

2. Press 'Record Location' once you have parked your car to record its location.

3. Once the location has been successfully recorded, your parking location will be shown on the map.

Event & Promotion

Be the first to know about fun & exciting events and promotions happening at Link's shopping centres. Get more from your shopping experience. Scan QR codes for special offers.
* 5 destination malls include:
Lok Fu Place  |  Temple Mall  |  T Town  |  Stanley Plaza  | TKO Gateway