What is Park & Dine?

Link’s Park & Dine mobile app gives you instant access to a world of real-time parking information, restaurant & shop recommendations, e-coupons and more.

Why does Park & Dine need my location data?

Park & Dine needs to know your location in order to show car parks nearest you, and suggest an accurate driving route to your chosen car park destination.

Why does Park & Dine require that I turn on my Bluetooth device?

Park & Dine uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to locate and record your parking location.

How does Park & Dine provide me with car park suggestions?

Using real time positioning technology (GPS), Park & Dine determines your current location. Based on this location, it can suggest nearest car parks and real-time parking space availability.

How can I find a shopping centre?

Go to Shopping Spotlight for details of 14 selected shopping centres or use the search bar at the top to find shopping centres by name or district. Click on the specific shopping centre photo or name for details and information on the latest events and promotions (if any).

How can I find shops?

Go to Shopping Directory to find shops in our shopping centres by a particular shop category. Use the search bar at the top to find shops in a particular district or shopping centre. Click on the photo or name of a particular shop for details and e-coupon (if any).

How can I find restaurants?

Go to Dining Varieties to select your favorite cuisine. Use the search bar at the top to find your favorite restaurant by district or shopping centre. Click on the photo or the name of a particular restaurant for details and e-coupon (if any).

How can I find car park details?

Go to Parking Directory to find a specific car park or use the search bar at the top to look find car parks by district or car park service. Click on the photo or name of the chosen car park for details and privileges (if any).

What is 'Find My Car'?

Find My Car' records your parking location in our selected car parks with Bluetooth technology so you will always find your car.

How do I use 'Find My Car'?

Select 'Find My Car' in the menu and follow these steps:
Step 1: Make sure Bluetooth is turned on for your mobile device
Step 2: Press the "Record Location" button once you have parked your car to record its location
Step 3: Once location is successfully recorded, your parking location will be shown on the map.

How many parking records can be stored at a time?

Park & Dine can only save the latest recorded parking location.

Can I reserve a parking space?

Find My Car cannot be used to reserve a parking spot. It only enables you to record and find your parking location in our car parks.

Can I check my parking history?

Park & Dine can only save your latest recorded parking location.

Do I have to turn on mobile data?

Find My Car' does not consume mobile data. It uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to record your location.

How can I find promotion details?

Go to Happenings for details on the latest promotion at our shopping centres. Use the search bar at the top to find a specific shopping centre.

What type of personal data is needed?

You only need a login name, password and valid email address to register as a member. You will receive a confirmation email at the registered email address. Activate your account by clicking 'Verify Now' in the confirmation email to complete the registration process.

Can non-registered members use 'Find My Car'?

Non-registered members can use the 'Find My Car' function.

How can I recover my account if I forget my password?

After you click on "Forgot Password", enter your registered email address to reset your password. An email will be sent to the registered email. Click the 'Reset Now' link in the email to reset your password.

How can I obtain e-coupons?

Go to E-coupons to find offers for your favorite shop or restaurant. Then scan the QR code at the shop or restaurant to obtain the e-coupon.

Can I reuse the e-coupons?

Acquired e-coupons can be redeemed multiple times subject to specified terms & conditions.

How many e-coupons can I obtain?

You may acquire as many e-coupons as you like.

How can I check my e-coupon history?

Go to E-coupons to see which e-coupons you have obtained as well as see what other e-coupons are available.

How can I use the e-coupons?

Show your e-coupon at the store before paying.